Introducing the Esse Ironheart Cooking Stove.

A cooker that burns logs beautifully and a stove that cooks to perfection.

Essentially the cooking stove makes the most of the two things ESSE does best. An inspired combination of a superb log burning stove and traditional, cast iron range cooker.
And therein lies its charm and appeal… it is equally at home as a stove or as a range cooker.

The firebox has been specifically designed to burn 500mm logs, length ways, which it does in spectacular fashion, providing a splendid view of the flames through a large rectangular glass fire door. As the heat source for the oven and hotplates it has to be highly controllable, which it is, thanks to simple but effective primary and secondary air flow controls, the secondary control providing an air-wash which keeps the door glass clear.

1: Unique satin steel hotplate covers
Our classic hotplate covers have been finished in stunning textured satin steel to compliment the graphite finished surfaces.

2: Classic ESSE ‘dog-bone’ hotplates
The trademark dog-bone hotplates offer a large hob area with designated heatzones for easy ‘pan slide’ operation.

3: Simple and effective air-wash control
This conveniently located slide operation control keeps the door glass clear.

4: Oven temperature control
A simple slide action lever enables a surprising degree of oven temperature control making cooking a pleasure.

5: High capacity glass fronted firebox
Designed to take 500mm logs the firebox does not require constant refueling and provides a spectacular view of the flames.


6: Single large oven
Offering authentic
ESSE range cooking this large oven has vented extraction so cooking odors disappear up the flue.

7: 100th anniversary door casting
The cooking stove is available with optional commemorative door casting, to mark our 100th anniversary year.

8: Easy and convenient ash removal
The generous ash pan can be easily accessed via the protective door and removed using a special tool.

9: Easy access to flue ways
Occasional cleaning of the flue ways is easy thanks to a removable access panel hidden behind a hinged door below the oven.

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